Safaath Ahmed Zahir is the founder of Women & Democracy in the Maldives. Hear how, in partnership with QCT, Safaath developed a rapid response programme to support the most at-risk women and girls during the CV-19 pandemic.


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  • Orce Tata says:

    Yes I went everywhere you really have to understand that each person so So d lab What vaccine and what dose that there are others who are allergic There are others who can't stand and There are others who can stand You have to understand this there are a lot of things you have to you own the lab

  • Orce Tata says:

    You have to understand that vaccine 19 is but everywhere each person in question the side kum lab distributes it and how it distributes it We gave it to the lab to each person so we did our duty We have to understand this as much as we could We saved humanity that accused us and all sorts of things on us We are not interested We are even aware of what we do You have to understand one thing the vaccine project is given on the whole Planet You have to understand this

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