We’d like to thank Khisraw Jan Nainawaz for making this clip. Most of his fans have heard a version with altered pitch that made it seem like he was singing from a much higher “Karch”. We’re delighted to share the original recording that has been digitized. Nala Ba Dil Shod Gre was composed by Ahmad Zahir. Recorded at the home of Ustad Nainawaz. Tabla by Ustad Nasim Baahi.



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  • Khisraw Nainawaz says:

    Your welcome Rishad jan. This song happens to be one of my favorites from Ahmad Zahir jans portfolio. I will forward you the full version soon. I have many more original recordings which I’m in the process of digitizing which you and the Ahmad Zahir Jan fans here are welcome to.

  • Fazil Rabi Hamid says:


  • Tej Khurana says:

    Mind blowing Rishan Jan Qand ;Once you received a full version of this beautiful song , publish it on your Birth day on face book for the million of Ahamad Zahir’s friends please.Jawed Bad Ahamad Zahir.

  • Schafi Deewaj says:

    Bolbulle Afghanistan hamesha dar khatery ma ziend hast !!!

  • Tomas Tomas says:

    شب های ظلمانی میان طو فان ها

  • Aiziz Faizazizi says:

    همیشه در قلب ما زنده اس روحش شاد یادش کرامی باد

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