After 34 years of the passing of our legend, his fan base and the love for his music is still growing strong. Today we celebrate Marhum Ahmad Zahir’s life, his achievements, and the beautiful music and memories he left for the whole country to enjoy for generations to come. He was a gift from god to Afghan Music. We have turned to his timeless music in times of happiness, sorrow, when we are in love, or in times of loss. His Iconic status has garnered Afghanistan fame in the East. His life was cut short, but he lived it full. Today and everyday we pray that your new home is Janat e Firdaus. Ameen!

We want to wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day in advance and share “Tu Ba Yak Haatifa Memaani”. Recorded by Wali Jan Ashparie at Ariana Music Studios and we thank him for his contribution to our Legend’s Music.




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