Maulana Jalaluddin Balkhi Rumi was born in Balkh Afghanistan and this poem is one of his most famous. The Legendary Ahmad Zahir composed it into a song. The subject of the this poem is that God is everywhere, no need to travel the sands of Arabia to seek God when God is your neighbor or within your soul, If you are willing to see God or His house, Please cleance the mirror your your sould and you shall see.



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  • Said Mosadeq says:

    با كمال تاسعف يك عده از مردم ما بدون اينكه به معنا اين شعر بپردازند يا تحليل كنن . حج آنست كه دست يك بينواه بگيرئ و چند فقيرئ را از گرسنگئ نجات دهئ به هم نواه خود خدمت كنيد . نه اينكه حج روئ تا مردم گويند جاجئ .

  • shyda akbari says:

    One of the most beautiful, meanfull song ever 💝

  • 🌷

  • This is a masterpiece I solemnly cherish since I first enjoyed it a few years back

  • Hamzah Ahmed says:

    من بنده قرآنم، اگر جان دارم
    من خاكِ رهِ محمد مختارم
    گر نقل كند اين، كس از گفتارم
    بيزارم ازو وزين سخن بيزارم

    I am the servant of the Qur'an as long as I live.
    I am the dust on the path of Muhammad, the Chosen one.
    If anyone quotes a thing except this from my sayings,
    I am quit of him and outraged by these words.

    – Ruba'iyah by Rumi from Divan-I-Shams.

  • poloman1964 says:

    word cant express it this is such a Beautiful Poem By Maulana  J.B. and of course Ahmad Zahir with his outstanding talent he had select this poem. Thanks for upload.

  • Javad Ahmad says:

    وووووووووووووووووووووووووووووو چی زیبا است بیسیار زیبا

  • غزل شمارهٔ ۶۴۸
     مولوی » دیوان شمس » 
    ای قوم به حج رفته کجایید کجایید
    معشوق همین جاست بیایید بیایید
    معشوق تو همسایه و دیوار به دیوار
    در بادیه سرگشته شما در چه هوایید
    گر صورت بی‌صورت معشوق ببینید
    هم خواجه و هم خانه و هم کعبه شمایید
    ده بار از آن راه بدان خانه برفتید
    یک بار از این خانه بر این بام برآیید
    آن خانه لطیفست نشان‌هاش بگفتید
    از خواجه آن خانه نشانی بنمایید
    یک دسته گل کو اگر آن باغ بدیدیت
    یک گوهر جان کو اگر از بحر خدایید
    با این همه آن رنج شما گنج شما باد
    افسوس که بر گنج شما پرده شمایید
    به حکم (از هزاران کعبه یک دل بهتر است) ما دوستداران مرحوم مغفوراحمد ظاهر، اورا حاجی احمد ظاهر؛ بلکه حاجیُ الحجاج میگوییم. و از خداوند بزرگ روحش را شاد ومزارش را باغی از باغهای بهشتی میخواهیم. نفرین و لعنت ابدی برقاتلین اوباد.

  • Mawlana, Ahmad Zahir, beautiful Farsi language and the most beautiful message. What else could one ask for? This is treasure.

  • Also, those who argue about Maulana's nationality have ironically missed the point of ALL His philosophies…Thus such people are not worthy of His poetry. End of argument(s)!

    ps don't you know that swearing really degrades your priceless language and your mental capacities?

  • aslam saiyad says:

    thanks for posting

  • Valylife33 says:

    he wasnt persian u need to learn before you say something. he was born in Balkh Afghanistan. what does that make him? afghan not persian.

  • Cha See says:

    Afghans and Turks can try as hard as they want to make Rumi an Afghan or a Turk, but the world has not forgotten and will not forget that he was a Persian man.

  • Wizard Werks says:

    He was a student of a great Sufi named shams e Tabriz who was from Tabriz Iran. But Rumi was an Afghan though!

  • Real Afghan says:

    @AFGHANinSANDALS wtf are you talking about, kafer, babet yadet nadada ke islam chi ast. fuck you. not talk about our prophet with your dirty mouth. bar padare too lanat. bache khar. koony

  • this song does not tell us to go for hajj
    it says come back from there
    "ay qawme ba haj rafta kojaéd kojaéd?
    MAHSHUQ haminjaast biyaéd biyaéd !!

  • امروز كه روز اول عيد مي باشد. شنيدم كه يك تعداد از وزرا و زورمندان دولتي در افغانستان بجاي مردمي بي واسطه به حج رفتند. اين شعر بزركوار جي زيبا در اين مورد اين خاينان صدق مكند.

  • Aries Aries. says:

    Four people here have no clue……such a shame

  • nm476 says:

    @AFGHANinSANDALS loll good one!!!

  • R Sediqi says:

    mawlana waze skhta dar ien poem ke awal ba khud wa watan bengaret baz ba tarafe kaba betabet, dar chonen sharet ke mardom mamlakat dar battren boran ast kaba raftan west of tim wet of mony ast serf ba manafe arab ast, beyayet awal ba manefe khud bepardazed bad ba kaba,

  • @sayedjalaludin What happend playboy?

  • maqboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

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