Composition of Hindi Movie (Jhuk Gaya Aasman)



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  • Roeen Jb says:

    a voice from heaven

  • Megi Jaan says:

    Nice Song,…i think the original song is from elvis presley. It ‘s calling “maguerita”.

  • Ahmad Zahir says:

    Thanks to Hamzaa Jan from the admin of the official website of ahmadzahir.com for taking the time to make this wonderful high quality clip for us. This song was recorded in Radio Afghanistan.

    Mofgan Jan you’re right. But this version has been taken directly from the Hindi Movie since the notes of the “Antaras” have been changed from the Elvis Presley version by the Indian composers/musicians. Nevertheless, it’s beautifully rendered.

  • Hamzaa Aziz says:

    Fans hope you like the clip. inshallah some other clips will come soon..Rishad jan thank you too, for sending me the song in a very high quality.

  • Sylvie Zarmina Humayun says:

    hang zaiba dost dashtani

  • Farzaan Hejraan says:

    Best Song 🙂

  • Amid Jawid says:

    qalbe mara to shikasti khodkhahi magroor chira oh chira aAAAAaA

  • Dokhtarake Pashtoon says:

    Ahmad Zahir is best song 🙂

  • Wafa Jan says:

    ahmad zahir jan Besyar ahanga zebah hast hoo chera hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo chera 🙂

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