Bacha Nasho Ay Dil



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  • OmidDqq says:

    Credits should go to the Original Artist Mahasti 🙂


  • why are people calling meghan kabir a slut, or a bad singer?. when i heard her singing it was fucking sexy. and your all jealouse, so stfu 🙂 , get a life, you cant call someone a slut just cause they were born in america, or just cause shes mixed! your all making afghans look bad! im afghan and its not like i dislike or frown upon afghan women born in a western country, cause i am one! and you have to give her credit for having some sense of patriotism to her afghan side zahir4lyfe,hatersgodie!

  • Qais Nazari says:


  • kabuli87 says:


    You should familiarize yourself with the word "legend" since there is no requirement for them to be alive. In majority of cases legends are dead people whom have played a significant role in human history.

  • Da ud says:

    maybe for english songs but she has no clue of afghan singing

  • Bi Polar says:

    Its so sad we lost some1 as mesmerizing as Ahmad Zahir =(

  • Bi Polar says:

    Ahmad Zahir WAS the best u fucktard he is DEAD get it through ur thick head. u shld b happy shes half afghan we can claim a professional singer. how many new afghan singers do u kno who can actually sing?

    Meghan Kabir is the best female Afghan singer. deal wid the reality.

  • AWM says:

    Correction. MORE THEN 35 years ago!
    AND, no other Afghan has been able to breng original modern music like he did.
    Mezhgan Kabir made a cover version. it's always easier to copy and breng some last touches to make it more perfect. And not to forget the fact that Mezhgan has de facilities in 2008 in the US and he had them back in 1973 in a 3th world Country.
    So, credits to the KING of afghan music. YES!!

  • kabuli87 says:

    Its not wrong, Meghan has only modernized the composing of the song. But considering the fact that he sang this song more then 25 years ago, its great for that time and age. So give the king of Afghan Music some credit ;p

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