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  • Farooq Mirzada says:

    Love it, but it was very short

  • Zabi Khan says:

    Love it
    Ahmad zahir always forever
    RIP love you thanks Ahmad Wali for sharing this beautiful video
    Sam Ahmad
    Farhan Khan Gulzad

  • Mir Ahmad Mirzad says:

    That’s great thanks for sharing memories

  • Rahim M. Naimi says:

    I have always wondered where the longer versions of all these shorts clips are. I mean when they are shooted, they should be somewhere, right? I realize that not all of them have a longer version, but some should.

  • Fereba Lulu says:

    Love it !!! ♥️

  • Kambez Nabizada says:

    i want to thank him and at the same time I would like to know why he hid and did not show this to the people long before it means he has more clips of Ahmad Zahir but doesnt want to share . I dont think he has got it through u tupe .

  • Kambez Nabizada says:

    Even this clip which he put at the disposal is not complete it sounds as if intentially some one has cut the parts but this is some thing i guess God knows better…. thank him any way.

  • John Johnem says:

    Please post the rest

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